Deal Swiftly with Criminals: Minister’s Call for 24/7 Security Watch

First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah chairs meeting with senior Interior Ministry officials.

On Sunday, Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, who serves as both the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior, issued a directive to enhance 24-hour security surveillance across the entire country. He emphasized the need to firmly deal with individuals who break the law while considering the humane aspect in the execution of plans and procedures.

This directive was communicated through a press release from the General Department of Security Relations and Media, following Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled’s regular meeting with senior officials from the Ministry of Interior.

During this meeting, they discussed the latest security developments, and it was attended by Lieutenant General Anwar Al-Barjas, the Ministry’s Undersecretary, along with several assistant undersecretaries and security leaders. Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled expressed his confidence in the Ministry of Interior’s staff and their ability to carry out their assigned responsibilities. He urged all Ministry employees to maintain their high level of competence and preparedness.

The Minister also commended the outstanding efforts of the criminal security sector and the General Administration of the Coast Guard for recent successful operations and emphasized the importance of promptly establishing a system for government agencies to collaborate in collecting debts owed by foreigners to the state. Additionally, during the meeting, the Minister of Interior received updates on the sectors’ preparations for the upcoming academic year. They discussed the coordination mechanism with the Ministry of Education for conducting security and traffic awareness campaigns and raising awareness about the dangers of drugs in schools and universities.

Source- Arab Times.

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