‘Pakistani doctors for private sector’; ‘Made in Pakistan’ exhibition launched.

Pakistani Ambassador to Kuwait Malik Farooq has revealed that the 19th batch of Pakistani doctors, nurses, and technicians for the government sector will arrive after the holy month of Ramadan, reports Al-Qabas daily. He said there have been talks with the Kuwaiti private sector to bring similar medical professionals to work in private hospitals. Speaking on the sidelines of the celebration of the 83rd anniversary of his country’s independence, Farooq announced the launching of an exhibition of Pakistani products exported to European countries and the Gulf region, in cooperation with Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Federal Chamber of Commerce of Pakistan.

He described the Pakistani-Kuwaiti diplomatic relations as “distinguished,” pointing out that Pakistan and Kuwait have deep fraternal relations that span a century. “Our contacts and commercial ties are old, as we have been standing beside each other in moments of victory, as well as in the hour of distress,” he added. He confirmed that there are strong Kuwaiti investments in Pakistan through Kuwait Investment Authority and Kuwait Oil Company. He said the skilled Pakistani workforce has contributed to the development and construction of Kuwait for several decades; while Kuwait generously helped Pakistan during various challenges, such as earthquakes and floods.

Source- Arab Times.

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