’22 National Assembly wasted golden chance’.

Former MP Musalam Al-Barrak said the 2022 National Assembly wasted a golden opportunity, while the 2020 Assembly lost political and popular legitimacy in view of the decision of the Constitutional Court to nullify the decrees on dissolving the 2020 Assembly and the call for fresh elections in 2022. Al-Barrak added that the 2022 Assembly did not adopt a pro-reform attitude; stressing the people need action, not statements.

MP Fares Al-Otaibi asserted: “With due respect to the judiciary, the decision of the Constitutional Court shocked everyone. All parliamentary tools will be used to push for the dissolution of the 2020 Assembly, such as standing on the podium at the Assembly Hall and holding a sit-in. The 2020 Assembly will not last.”

MP Abdullah Al-Mudaf claimed that the plan is to make the patriotic citizens depressed and break the nation’s will. He pointed out that the dismissal of a legislature supported by the public and reinstatement of the one rejected by the State and citizens are part of such plan. MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari stressed that it is a disaster if the Sabah Family is not aware that the citizens are disappointed and it is a bigger catastrophe if the ruling family is aware. He said people are concerned and they need to know what is going on; indicating the whole country is paralyzed and there has been no statement from the offices of HH the Amir, HH the Crown Prince and HH the Prime Minister so far. Former MP Marzouq Al-Hebeini stated the current situation in the country does not match the Sabah Family that obtained the loyalty of citizens. He pointed out the citizens followed the directives.

Source- Arab Times.

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