Huge dropout of student escorts in schools.

In 2017, the Ministry of Education, with the cooperation of the Civil Service Commission (CSC), was able to obtain approvals to create a student escort job for which a number of male and female citizens were appointed to work in schools. However, there is a huge dropout of them currently as they switch to other fields, reports Aljarida daily.

The role of student escort or companion was established to bear part of the administrative burdens placed on teachers. This idea began to bear fruit in the educational field in alleviating the administrative work that was thrown on teachers. However, educational sources revealed that a large dropout process by the occupants of this job began, by changing the job title to assistant secretarial work, something that creates confusion in schools. Student escorts ended up carrying administrative burdens such as shifts, following up students on opportunities and during the queue, and doing some administrative work in the school departments.

The sources explained that the main goal of creating a student escort job is for the teacher to devote himself to performing his basic task and to provide job opportunities for citizens with intermediate degrees. However, their dropout in this manner has become a concern for school administrations that will have to assign those tasks to teachers again after their presence contributed to the stability of the situation in schools.

A large number of student escorts in schools submitted requests to amend the job title to the title of secretarial assistant and other job titles. They had obtained the necessary approvals in this regard even though their academic certificates were still average, which caused a decrease in their numbers in schools, especially since the appointment process for this job has been suspended for some time.

Continuation of the process of changing the names of the student escorts at this pace will completely empty the schools of this job, which will negatively affect the situation inside the schools, especially with regard to shift opportunities and the end of school hours. This is because the school is obligated to provide employees to stay with the students until they are received by their families after the end of the school hours or hand them over to the police station if they are not received within two hours after the end of the working hours.

The sources highlighted that the ministry is in the process of operating buses to transport students in the next academic year, which means that there is an urgent need for this job, especially in the process of guiding students at the end of school hours, and ensuring that they board safely on the buses designated to transport them, in addition to staying with those students when their families are late in picking them up.

It is worth mentioning that CSC approved 2,000 job opportunities in 2017 for the Ministry of Education to appoint student escorts, address the teachers’ shift crisis, and raise the ratio of Kuwaitis to non-Kuwaitis in government jobs, after holding several meetings between the Cabinet, Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Finance.

Source- Arab Times.

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