Scholastic year in Kuwait ‘shortest’ with 174 days; Japan in top spot with 243 days.

The Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States put the academic year on the world map, including some countries that have come a long way in the world of creativity and scientific and technological progress, and they give more time for education daily and annually, while the State of Kuwait came in the last place with only 174 days, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the bureau’s statistics, Kuwait, Bahrain and Belgium are among the shortest countries in the duration of the academic year, with 174, 172 and 170 days, respectively, while the academic year in other Gulf countries reached 182 days in the UAE, 180 in Oman and the same in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the Arab world, the statistics indicated that the school year in Egypt ranges from 192 to 204 days, and in Tunisia and Jordan it is 200 days. As for the world, Japan occupied the top of the list, as its academic year is the longest in the world with 243 days.

The statistics indicated that the average school year in most countries of the world is 200 days, and it is applied in the Netherlands, Scotland and Thailand, while it decreases to 190 days in New Zealand, Finland, Canada and England, then countries such as France and the United States of America come 180 days later. The office suggested enacting regulations that oblige schools and students to adhere to the days of the school year, as discipline in itself is a basic educational value, while raising some questions regarding “the possibility of the school day becoming 8 hours” or that the academic year becomes 200 days, or that the study be in three terms”, stressing that the community schools increased their study days compared to the study days in public schools.

Source- Arab Times.

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