Kuwaitis complain about travel fees on maids to France – ‘Fees exaggerated’.

Citizens have complained about the fees that France imposed on domestic workers who travel with them to French territories — 33 euros (about KD10) per day the worker spends there, which is equivalent to KD300 a month, reports Al-Qabas daily. These citizens confirmed that they intend to spend the next summer holiday in France; but the exaggerated fees, as they say, are burdening them. They pointed out that the French government, through its embassy in Kuwait, imposed these fees.

They said the new procedures that France has started to apply include limiting the number of domestic workers traveling with the family to two only, in addition to the exaggerated fees. They added some Kuwaitis who travel to France frequently, and have their own villas and apartments there, are planning to meet with the French ambassador to ask for clarification regarding these decisions. A diplomatic source told the daily that according to the travel laws in France, tax must be paid for every domestic worker who accompanies the family, because they enter the country to work for their sponsor and they must pay tax.

Source- Arab Times.

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