‘Hike marriage loan granted to Kuwaitis planning to wed’.

MP Majed Al-Mutairi has submitted a proposal to increase to KD10,000 the marriage loan granted to young citizens who are planning to get married. The proposal states that these youths will not be required to pay half of the loaned amount – KD5,000; while the other half will be paid through monthly installment of KD50 starting one year after obtaining the loan.

MP Fares Al-Otaibi proposed transforming the country into a regional center for the treatment of cancer. He suggested increasing the capacity of Kuwait Cancer Control Center, providing the center with the most advanced equipment, hiring international and national doctors specialized in the treatment of cancer, supplying the required medicines, and raising public awareness on the prevention and treatment of cancer.

MPs Muhammad Al-Mutair, Abdullah Fehad, Mubarak Al- Tasha, Muhammad Hayef and Mehalhal Al-Mudaf submitted a bill on adding an article to Future Generations Fund Decree number 106/1976; stating that 20 percent of the annual profits from the investments of the fund should be distributed equally to adult citizens. They pointed out that the revenues of the fund in the last five years exceeded the oil revenues; hence, it is possible to grant 20 percent of the profits to adult citizens.

Meanwhile, MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari warned Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research Ahmed Abdulwahab Al-Adwani against protecting those involved in the leakage of exam questions. He also urged Al-Adwani to stop the practice of giving high marks to students in private schools even if they do not deserve it, just to claim they have high academic success rates.

On the other hand, MP Shuaib Shaaban asked Al-Adwani if the acting president of Kuwait University appointed a staff as acting dean of a college – a violation of Article 17 of law number 76/2019. If yes, what is the legal basis of such a decision? He also inquired if a member of the founding council at Abdullah Al-Salem University was appointed as a senior official at a college in Kuwait University, if the acting president of Kuwait University insulted a lecturer and the legal measures taken in this regard.

Shaaban forwarded queries to Minister of Finance Abdulwahab Al-Rashead about the delayed payment of the incentive for Kuwait Airways employees who were on the frontline of the fight against Coronavirus. He wants to know the date of disbursement, number of beneficiaries, number of employees who complained about their exclusion from the beneficiaries of the incentive, and if the list of beneficiaries has been submitted to the Civil Services Commission (CSC). In addition, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) at the Assembly participated in the 17th forum of the parliaments of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries in Algeria.

Treasurer of the union MP Hamad Al-Obaid submitted the Kuwaiti bill on rejecting the decision of the Human and Women’s Rights Committee to approve homosexuality. He stressed that the Kuwaiti bill affirms respect for the principles of OIC; such as protecting human rights, basic freedoms and the Muslim family. The seven-item bill stipulates the need to consider the sovereignty of each countries and their way of making priorities and dealing with different religions, morals, values and cultures. The bill calls for supporting countries, which are currently experiencing pressure from various parties regarding the issue.

Al-Obaid affirmed the Kuwaiti bill is in line with the decisions taken in the 42nd to 48th meetings of the foreign affairs ministers in OIC countries, which rejected the decision of the Human and Women’s Rights Committee as it contradicts the Islamic values and other religions. He said many countries and major companies are promoting homosexuality, indicating they even used the World Cup held recently in Qatar for this purpose and to pressure other countries into doing the same.

He stressed that homosexuality was forcefully added to the list of human rights. IPU member MP Shuaib Shaaban delivered a speech at the meeting of the Permanent Committee for Political and Foreign Affairs in OIC; during which he highlighted the challenges that the entire world is currently facing due to the political, economic and social consequences of the Russia- Ukraine war that broke out in February last year. He said His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah clearly defined the Kuwaiti position on the war in his speech at the Judda Forum for Security and Development on July 16, 2022.

He added HH the Crown Prince affirmed that the Kuwaiti position is in line with the international laws and the United Nations declaration; indicating HH the Crown Prince stressed the importance of respecting the sovereignty, security and political independence of other countries, while voicing objection to the practice of forcefully addressing disputes by threatening others. He stated the war has had a deep impact on all fields; especially in politics and the economy, warning that several Islamic countries are affected by the war due to their proximity to the hotspots.

Source- Arab Times.

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