MoI denies claims over other countries’ security units in Kuwait.

High level Kuwaiti and Iraqi co-op makes easy movement at borders

About 55,000 people have crossed the border into Iraq at the Abdali port, including about 25,000 citizens, which is an unprecedented number since 1990 as the Ministry of Interior succeeded in facilitating the procedures for travelers during the Gulf Cup Football Championship “Gulf 25”, reports Al-Rai daily. The security statistics show from December 28, 2022 to January 13, 2023, the number of travelers to Iraq, through the Abdali port, reached 55,472, including 25,137 Kuwaitis, and 1,565 bedoun, 1,534 from Saudi Arabia, 6,859 from Bahrain, 7,509 Iraqis resident in Kuwait, 295 from Yemen, 221 from Qatar, and 38 from the Emirates, in addition to travelers of other Arab and Gulf nationalities.

The sources pointed out that the increase in the number of travelers across the land borders is due to allowing them to enter Iraqi territory without a prior visa, and that the Ministry of Interior has mobilized all its security forces at the crossing, to facilitate the departure and return of fans who went to watch the soccer matches.

Transit The sources pointed out that the success of the Ministry of Interior in facilitating transit came as a result of the cooperation of the participating security sectors, and work around the clock to overcome all obstacles in front of citizens, Gulf nationals and residents in the State of Kuwait, noting the success of the security plan, which was the first test to organize these unprecedented large numbers at the Abdali crossing since the year 1990, as transit to Iraq was previously limited to visiting holy shrines, hunting trips and transporting goods.

Al-Rai learned from well-informed government sources that there is high-level coordination between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi sides to set up a mechanism that allows the opening of the Iraqi Safwan port on the border, which means the continuation of the procedures that were applied in the tournament throughout the year.

In another development, the Ministry of Interior has denied the allegation that some security patrols and special protection units operating in Kuwait belong to another country, clarifying the viral video clip depicting such a scenario shows the entry of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi and his entourage through Abdally border, reports Al-Qabas . The ministry affirmed that it is in charge of the protection units accompanying the guests and the vehicles used in transporting them in accordance with the security and diplomatic protocols. It also emphasized that the relationship between Kuwait and Iraq in various fields remain strong.

Source- Arab Times.

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