38,549 expats in Health Ministry – ‘Top jobs go to Kuwaitis only’.

The number of non-Kuwaiti employees, including doctors, in the Ministry of Health totaled 38,549, reports Al-Rai daily. Minister of Health Dr. Ahmad Al-Awadi confirmed that the ministry strictly complies with Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 11 of 2017 on the Kuwaitization of public sector jobs. He said the ministry has been implementing the Kuwaitization plan stipulated in the resolution for a period of five years.

Also, in response to the question of MP Essa Al-Kandari, the minister stressed that the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) is fully committed to the policy; indicating both the ministry and PAFN have not employed any non-Kuwaiti consultant. He added the number of non-Kuwaiti employees in the authority reached 52 who are under subcontracts and 20 under the expertise contract.

He disclosed that majority of non-Kuwaiti employees in the ministry are in the medical, technical and health support jobs; affirming these employees are necessary due to the expansion of hospitals and additional medical services.

In the administrative sector, several decisions were issued in the last four fiscal years to terminate non-Kuwaitis who occupy jobs stipulated in the Kuwaitization policy as per the percentages specified by the CSC.

Source- Arab Times.

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