Gulf States target for drugs, alcohol; Treatment, rehabilitation urged.

The Director General of the General Department for Drug Control, Brigadier General Muhammad Qabazard, confirmed that Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are targeted by drug and alcohol traffickers, due to the high monthly income of the Kuwaiti and Gulf citizen and material abundance, in addition to the geographical location and our proximity to the places of cultivation and manufacture of these contraband, reports Al-Anba daily. He revealed that 95 percent of drug dealers are under surveillance and watchful eyes of the Directorate- General for Drugs Control at home and abroad, and “we are working on a special mechanism to nab them in the act so that they do not escape punishment.

Brigadier General Qabazard told the daily, during his first press interview since assuming his position, that instructions have been issued by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid to overcome all obstacles faced by the DGDC and to give us great support to follow up and control drugs and alcohol promoters and dealers with the follow-up and supervision of the Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs, Major General Hamed Al-Dawas, who is constantly informed of all cases. He indicated that the Supreme Committee of the National Campaign to Combat Drugs has recommended providing sites for medical clinics to treat and rehabilitate drug addicts in complete confidentiality through national cadres.

The Director-General of DGDC added that the most category of drug victims are young people because they are easily targeted by drug gangs, and they also have a love for adventure, experimentation and willingness to take risks, so drug dealers target this segment. He said the department has a study to determine the link between drug addicts and criminal cases that occur daily in order to find out the real causes and treat them. He stressed that all reports about addicts that come to us were dealt with in complete confidentiality, raising awareness of the dangers of drugs to humans and providing them solutions to quit addiction. Brigadier General Qabazard revealed that the death rate due to drug abuse has decreased by half compared to previous years, and this indicates the success of the strategic plan pursued by the General Administration for Drug Control to confront the scourge of drugs.

Source- Arab Times.

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