Govt sector hiring of expats falls by 70%; Kuwaiti staff hit 80%.

‘Undergraduates highest number of civil servants’

The number of new expatriate employees in the government sector decreased by 70 percent in 2022 compared to four years ago. On the other hand, the percentage of Kuwaiti employees has reached 80 percent, according to the latest report issued by the Central Statistical Bureau, reports Al-Qabas daily. The bureau revealed a significant decrease in the number of expatriate workers in the government sector during 2022 compared to four years ago.

The total number of expatriate newcomers who joined government agencies during the first half of the year 2022 was only 1,553. Their numbers were 7,000 during the past years of comparison, with the exception of the year 2020, which witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic, when only 200 new workers were appointed.

More than 80 percent of the employees in the government sector are Kuwaitis, totaling 366,238, while the number of expatriates is 91,000, most of whom work in service jobs, mostly in the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Health.

According to the report, employees in the age group between 40 and 44 years tops the total number of employees in the government sector, with about 52,000 Kuwaitis. The age group of most residents working in the sector ranges between 35 and 39 years. Undergraduates were the highest category of civil servants at a rate of 46.2 percent, followed by holders of high school diplomas.

Regarding the social status of the employees in the government sector, the number of married people is higher. There are a high number of Kuwaiti divorcees working in the sector, with a total of 21,552 citizens. Regarding the numerical distribution of non-Kuwaiti employees, Arab residents ranked first in the size of the presence in the sector with a total of 51.8 percent compared to the rest of the nationalities, followed by Asians, then Gulf nationals with 5.8 percent or 5,279 employees.

Kuwaiti women represent the largest workforce among the employees of the government sector, with 218,080 in number, or 84.5 percent, out of a total of 258,162 female workers, representing 56 percent of the total government sector employees.

Most of the expatriate workers in the government sector work in the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Electricity and Water, Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, and Ministry of Interior. Most of the employees in the government sector are young, as 87.9 percent of the workers are under the age of 50 years. The number of employees in state-owned companies (that is about 16 companies under full ownership) is 29,170, of whom Kuwaitis represent 70.7 percent. About 73.1 percent of the total workers in state-owned companies are distributed among three companies – Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, and Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries.

Source- Arab Times.

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