Company's hall named after Indian employee.

Late Kunh Abdulla receives rare ‘posthumous’ award in the Gulf

Kunh Abdulla Kada Lambathure (60), a native of Payyoli, Kozhikode, received a rare posthumous award in the Gulf after succumbing to coronavirus while working in Kuwait.

   Left: The conference hall of the company named after Kunh Abdulla Kada Lambathure (right).

Kunh Abdulla, a Keralite, spent 38 years in service as senior commercial officer at Kuwait Livestock, a Kuwait based company primarily engaged in livestock import/export globally.

The company has a complete supply chain of giant vessels for transporting and trading livestock and all kinds of meat within Kuwait and abroad.

A dedicated employee of the company, Kunh Abdulla, lost his life after a month and a half of treatment. Following this, Osama Boodai, the CEO of the company decided to rename the conference hall at the head office in Sulaibiya as Kunh Abdulla Kada Lambathure Hall as a permanent memorial to the departed employee.

With the naming ceremony of the hall, it became a rare honor for an Indian to receive a posthumous award from the institution where he worked. Kunh Abdulla arrived in Kuwait in 1982 after completing his studies at Aligarh University. He began working with KLTT, which now employs more than 600 people.

As a founding employee, Kunh Abdulla was the one who formulated the business strategies of the company. He was admitted to Adan Hospital for treatment, but died on Aug 9 after a month-and-a-half in the hospital.

Despite the curfew and the strict restrictions imposed on funerals, locals, including the CEO of the institution, rushed to the cemetery in Sulaibikhat to lead the ceremonies, highlighting the depth of the bond with Kunh Abdulla and the institution.

Source- Arab Times.

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