Around 3,500 apply exemption from work in MoH.

‘Top officials, ill people among applicants’

Director of the Ahmadi Health Region and Chairman of the Committee on Medical Reports for Workers at the Ministry of Health, Dr Ahmad Al- Shatti, revealed that the committee has reviewed requests for 3,500 cases of exemption so far due to the repercussions of corona, reports Al-Jarida daily. Al-Shatti said “the committee has held 22 meetings since its formation,” and those requests are divided between the handicapped and caring for disabled, pregnancy in the last trimester or complicated pregnancy and over 55 year-old group.

It also includes those suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, obesity, kidney transplantation, immune diseases, and rheumatic diseases, in addition to those with reduced working hours from the General Medical Council. He added that most of the applicants were administrators, not technicians, and women not men, indicating the technical committee to consider work exemption requests for ministry employees works according to a decision from the Ministry Undersecretary, which has authorized the committee’s decisions until the end of the fifth phase of the return plan.

He pointed to requests submitted by female employees from outside the ministry who send their papers to the committee, only to be rejected, as it is not within the powers of the committee to decide requests for exempting employees from outside the ministry. He stressed that the committee’s work does not include all employees of the state ministries and government agencies but only those working at the ministry, while others are subject to the decisions of organized Civil Service Commission.

According to Al-Shatti, the committee recently discovered that some people had began to request an exemption from work, because some employees realized that there was a reduction in allowances such as night duty and training allowances. He said “the committee sends report to the concerned person and he in turn sends it to his workplace, while we also provide the work centers in the various sectors of the ministry with all requests.”

He emphasized that the committee’s work and decisions have become easier due to accreditation and dealing with cloud computing program, as the technical committee at the Ministry of Health activated the platform for requests to exempt male and female employees of the ministry that use cloud computing.

The employees can submit requests through the platform and enter the necessary paper and documents, in order for committee members to take appropriate decision on their requests in both Arabic and English. He reiterated the committee respects medical reports issued by government and private hospitals and the centers, and considers the continuity of disability certificate or caring for the handicapped, pointing out that it includes consultant doctors who evaluate the submitted medical report in order to take the appropriate decision.

Source- Arab Times.

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