Cabinet approves public auctions to sell lands of labor cities to private sector.

Following a series of discussions among the concerned state authorities, the Council of Ministers has decided to offer the sites for the construction of labor cities to the private sector through public auctions, provided the process of selling the lands takes about five months, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The Cabinet has instructed Kuwait Municipality to take all necessary measures to provide sufficient number of suitable sites for housing workers or to establish labor cities that serve both “urban, artisanal, and industrial” areas in the interest of the Ministry of Finance (managing state property) to sell them in public auction to the private sector, provided they are built within a specific period of time in accordance with the provisions and procedures in force in this regard.

The Cabinet also assigned the Ministry of Public Works to coordinate with Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Kuwait Municipality, Public Authority for Manpower, Public Authority for Civil Information, Kuwait Authority for Public-Private Partnership Projects, the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, and the bodies it deems appropriate, to follow up all the requirements and technical specifications related to labor housing and the construction of labor cities in light of the current reality and future variables of the numbers of workers and the estimation of the need for their housing. The Cabinet also required the provision of periodic reports on developments in this regard.

The Cabinet reviewed the Ministry of Finance’s letter No. 08941/2020 dated 16/7/2020 containing the statement that it is permissible to sell through public auction in implementation of article 6 of decree No. 105/1980, which stipulates that, “The sale of the state’s private real estate property shall be through public auction after making the announcement in the local newspaper”.

This will be after the transfer of these lands from public state property to private state property based on a decision by the Cabinet, provided that the allocation of these lands is conditional upon the Municipal Council for the purpose of housing workers with specific building rates for each land, and that there are no apparent obstacles hindering the sale.

Source- Arab Times.

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