Weak Internet portends problems for the educational portal

Weak Internet is the main cause of all problems of the educational portal. With this statement, female teachers in the secondary stage summarized the negative aspects of the distance education program, which the Ministry of Education will launch for the twelfth grade on August 4, stressing “there is no dust on the Teams Program currently applied by the Ministry but the main problem is poor network”,  reports Al-Rai daily.

The teachers who received training courses on the program, which is still under the supervision of computer teachers, have assigned a computer teacher for each department, and each section in some schools has about 17 teachers. They affirmed that “things went well and there are no problems with the course, except for the weak network that leads to frequent interruption of the meetings, as well as audio hangs and some other malfunctions.”

One of the teachers mentioned that “the training mechanism is via voice only, from 10 in the morning until 1:30 in the afternoon, while the teachers are evaluated on a daily basis through preparation of assignments, submitting worksheets, and sending them directly to the technical instructors.” She affirmed that the trainee can interact with the trainer (computer teacher) directly to inquire about anything that is not clear.

She said “the most prominent problem in the current training program is in the low number of female students entering the portal, where some classes have 17 students out of 25, while others do not have more than 4 to 5 female students, and we fear this situation will continue, even with the beginning of the supplementary semester on August 9th.”

She pointed to minor technical problems in the program that need more clarification, including some technical details, noting “whenever the teacher wishes to use the phrase ‘being modified’ pops up. She wishes that all obstacles will be removed and that telecommunications companies will be contracted to strengthen them school networks.”

She argued that “this network cannot handle the current number of female students, so what will happen if the official working hours start and the number of female students doubles?”.

She also said the first step in the distance education program in the Arab Republic of Egypt was to sign up the telecommunications companies to strengthen the school networks to provide an opportunity for users to enter easily at their convenience. She warned of major problems that will emerge with the beginning of the school hours if the network problem is not contained and overcome.

Source : Arab Times

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