People allowed to visit beaches, violations removed – Violators to face legal action

The head of the Violations Removal Department in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality, Majed Al-Mutairi, said the public are allowed to visit the beaches and stressed in the event if violations are committed the concerned persons will be referred to the Ministry of Interior for necessary action, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Speaking to the daily, Al-Mutairi said the Municipality has worked tirelessly under the guidance of Minister of Municipal Affairs Engr Walid Al-Jasem and Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality, Engr Ahmed Al-Manfuhi, to facilitate the return of the citizens and expatriates to the beaches and stressed the violations will not be tolerated.

These violations were committed during the curfew period and all these violations have been removed to allow the public to go to the sea. After combing the coastal strip of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, a technical report on the existing violations has been submitted to the concerned authority to know and determine the extent of the violations.

Speaking of the nature of the, Al-Mutairi said, some obstacles prevented access to the sea in the form of small barriers, a wall, a neglected car or what he called dirt pits.

All of them have been removed and no new complaints have been received. He added, the Municipality inspectors will conduct daily field trips to monitor new violations and the guilty will be referred to the Ministry of Interior for necessary action.

Source : Arab Times

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