Massive violations render Farwaniya lockdown counter-productive

Traffic congestion, random markets, wholesale violations and non-compliance with the requirements of protection are among the few things prominently observed in Farwaniya region where the isolation measures seem to have yielded counter-productive results.

Severe overcrowding has been observed within the streets in the hours allowed for roaming, and since the end of the partial ban, residents bustle with movement, spreading in random markets where all kinds of goods and outdoor products can be found in the absence of monitoring by concerned authorities.

The internal and main streets, as well as the markets witness commercial momentum with crowds at the doors of some shops and with cashiers reports Al Qabas. Many violations have been detected, especially in commercial activities that are supposed to be closed, according to the decision of the Council of Ministers, given that permission to return to work within the second stage is not granted.

The most prominent of them are the tailor’s shops that welcome visitors in the internal streets, away from monitoring. Also, lack of commitment to health requirements in the commercial centers was noted, as crowds multiply in front of the shops for selling mobile phones and other electronics, and the exchange shops tried to prevent crowding inside their premises.

At the other side of the market were thousands of affected workers and families who were expecting the distribution of food aid pending the arrival of trucks.

Although the usual time to assemble is between 5 and 6 pm, the beneficiaries arrive at the location from 3 pm to wait for their philanthropists. At 5 pm, charity trucks loaded with baskets containing 11,000 food packs, of which 4,000 are from Al-Najat Charity Society, and 7,000 are from Al-Salaam Charity Society arrive.

In the vicinity of the Gold Market and the streets behind Al-Farwaniya Cooperative Society are random markets for selling vegetables and fruits, in addition to other consumable items.

Source : Arab Times

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