Employee rights, workers’ compensation will not be harmed

While reassuring that the government is not keen to ‘hurt’ the pocket of the citizen in any way and under any circumstances, Finance Minister Barak Shitan stressed that the economic proposal does not include any procedures or policies that would affect the rights and gains of citizens, especially with regard to the first section of the State’s general budget concerning wages and salaries, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

He pointed out the employee rights or workers compensation will not be harmed, pointing out that he has sent a letter regarding this document which is being studying by the Cabinet and will be sent then to the National Assembly for its observations.

The Finance Minister told the Al-Seyassah daily, the directives given by HH the Amir are crystal clear regarding protecting the national gains and not affecting the standard of living of the citizen, and ensure working for the welfare of the citizens.


He added: “We do our work with utmost clarity and transparency, and there is nothing to hide.” He pointed out that what was said regarding this document is not new, and everyone knows that it was referred to the Council in 2016, then it was resubmitted in 2018, and now it is again presented to the Council of Ministers by the Ministry of Finance.

It is still being studied by government agencies to obtain the views of specialists in these authorities and noted that the Ministry of Finance – in coordination with the concerned authorities – seeks to reach a specific formula it deems appropriate before referring it to the relevant National Assembly committees for consideration in public interest and serve the economy and citizens.

The minister affirmed that the Kuwaiti economy is solid and that all efforts are being made to strengthen it.

He explained “any reforms in this regard will be through cooperation and coordination between the government and the Parliament,” and stressed “His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled is keen to strengthen the economy and diversify the sources of income that would give boost to the economy internally and externally.”

Source : Arab Times

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