Mahboula field clinic serves almost 200,000 people, bachelors and families

Hours before the exceptional session of the Council of Ministers and the subsequent decisive decisions about moving to the next stage to return to life, and whether or not to designate new areas for total curfew or lift the isolation of the areas which are under total curfew such Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Mahboula the Al- Seyassah newspaper made a field tour of the field hospital in Mahboula to monitor health procedures inside the hospital after about 80 days have passed since the place was placed under total lockdown, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

The daily added, the hospital serves about 196,000 people, 20 percent of whom are families and 80 percent singles. In light of ‘leaks’ and health indicators, things are moving strongly in favor of lifting the total lockdown of Mahboula, after noticing a significant decrease in the number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus.

The head of the pharmacy department of the hospital, Dr. Mona Al-Failakawi explained that the procedures for admission to the hospital start from entering the name in medical records department, where patients (citizens and residents) are received on the strength of their civil IDs only without paying fees and make a beeline to a large waiting hall before they are transferred to the concerned department based on their condition.

She pointed out after the screening is done they are transferred to the respective mobile clinics — eight clinics are allocated (two for internal, and the same for teeth, a bone clinic, and another for women and childbirth and a respiratory disease clinic and a psychiatric clinic — inside the hospital), each according to his health condition.

This is in addition to two observation rooms, one each for men and women, a pediatric vaccination clinic and a radiology department, and after a patient has finished the examination, he/she is directed to the pharmacy department to receive the medicines, and then returns to their respective homes.

After a comprehensive inspection tour of the mobile clinics, the daily met the director of the field hospital, Dr Muhammad Al-Kandari, who confirmed the hospital’s contribution in treating 300 corona patients since the inception of the Clinical Residency Department last month and until now, pointing out that the number of clinical cases currently in the hospital is 25, all of which are moderately infected.

Al-Kandari told the daily work in the hospital began on April 10, and patients were received 48 hours later, noting that the hospital is divided into two parts, the first is a dispensary to provide primary care to the residents of Mahboula, including citizens and residents, and the second section is the field hospital to house suspected or confirmed cases of corona virus. The hospital works as a supplement to Adan Hospital, he said.

He added the hospital was gradually equipped according to the need for health services, as “we began to equip three clinics in addition to the pharmacy and radiology department, and after we sensed the need for other clinics such as the gynecology and obstetrics clinic, the orthopedic clinic, the mental health clinic and vaccination, we addressed the department heads specialized in the region such as Dr. Meshal Al-Hadhoud, Dr. Haya Al- Mutairi and Dr. Abdullah Al-Faris, who kindly provided the required medical personnel and equipment at these clinics.

He added, “on May 20, we felt the need to operate the second part of the hospital due to the severe pressure on health services at the Adan Hospital, so we cooperated with the Medical Engineering of the Ministry of Health to prepare the hospital to receive cases (residents of Mahboula) that require hospitalization and since that time until date we treated more than 300 corona patients until their condition improved completely, and only 15 cases required admission to intensive care unit of the Adan Hospital to complete the treatment.

Source : Arab Times

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