Expat doctors from Egypt, India & Pakistan set to return in few days

A large number of expatriate doctors working in the hospitals and health centers under the Ministry of Health will return to the country within the next few days.

These doctors were unable to return to the country earlier due to the suspension of flights for non-Kuwaitis as a result of the corona pandemic. Well-informed sources from the health sector revealed that the concerned technical authorities in the ministry have completed the list of these doctors in preparation for their return to Kuwait.

Sources said these doctors are expected to return in the first half of July; affirming coordination with various countries such as Egypt, India, Pakistan and several others in this regard.

Sources added tremendous efforts have been exerted to complete all procedures for the return of these expatriate doctors who were stranded abroad as they traveled to their countries before the corona pandemic and were unable to return due to the closure of air traffic in the middle of March.

The general and specialized hospitals and dispensaries of the ministry sent the names of the expatriate doctors working in their medical departments and who were stranded abroad to the Technical Department in order to make the necessary arrangements for their return.

Source : Arab Times

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