Qatar Airways flies Kuwaitis and Expats to various destinations

The Qatar Airways allowed Kuwaitis and expats to travel from Kuwait to Qatar and then to various European, Asian and American destinations, taking into consideration the health measures that confirm the passenger is free of Corona virus, such as checking the temperature before boarding and wearing masks, gloves and physical spacing.

The official website of Qatar Airways stated that it operates destinations from different parts of the world including London and Frankfurt from various airports, including Kuwait International Airport, and Tehran only within the Middle East region, with some changes to its flight schedule due to the current conditions where many governments impose restrictions on entering their airspace to limit Corona virus outbreak.

The Qatar Airways website added that the US airports that operate its flights are: Chicago, O’Hare, Dallas Fort Worth, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Sao Paulo Guarulho”.

Asia Pacific airports: Colombo (Sri Lanka), Bangkok, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney Kingsford Smith (Australia), Hong Kong, Islamabad, Jakarta, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, Manila, Peshawar, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

As for the European airports that Qatar Airways flies to are: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, London (Heathrow), Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris (Charles de Gaulle), Rome, Stockholm Vienna and Zurich .

As per the official source in the civil aviation there are 3 cases in which Kuwaiti citizens are allowed to travel, except for tourism. Mainly for the patient who needs treatment abroad, the patient’s facilities, and the student for study. Sources said those who wish to travel on any of the lines operating in Kuwait International Airport, in accordance with the aforementioned cases, should first check with the Ministry of Interior to sign the pledge, taking into account health procedures that confirm the passenger is free of Corona virus, such as checking the temperature, wearing masks and gloves before boarding the plane maintaining social distancing.

The official source on Qatar Airways revealed that they do not mind that Kuwaiti citizens travel via Qatar Airways to any of the European, Asian or American destinations that were announced through the official website, but only with the approval of the Kuwaiti authorities.

Source : Arab Times

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