Citizens from Mahboula cry for help; Marginal laborers threatens security and health

Citizens living in Mahboula demanded that they be evacuated just like the Kuwaiti citizens who were evacuated from abroad to quarantine facilities, resorts and hotels in order to safeguard the health and safety of healthy people before they too will get infected from the laborers who are already infected.

In the appeal they made to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, citizens of the region said that to allow citizens to enter and exit the area during the time of the partial ban to facilitate the procedures to fulfill their necessary needs to provide food and essentials for the families and checkups/appointments for patients at the hospitals.

They further stated that we demanded during the previous regional embargo, to meet with health officials to hear our complaints and concerns and to find a solution to the region. But none of them came and we hope that the same situation will not be repeated with us and we would like to allow charitable committees and philanthropists to enter the region, during the regional embargo, to help those stranded in the region.

The citizens pointed out that the region is not like the rest of the regional isolated zones, because it is a fully commercial area and most of its expats are bachelors and there are no homes for its citizens except for the apartments that they own or rent which are within the employment housing in the region, and in the case of the previous regional prohibition, it they were not allowed to go out, while the workers roam and arrive in the area whole day, even at night, without staying in their homes.

They continued “The number of inhabitants in the Mahboula region is approximately 4,000, most of them are widowed and divorced female citizens, compared to a large number of expatriates whose number exceeds 198,000, most of whom are bachelors, who live among families in close buildings, and they ask families to help them, So we hope business owners to pay the salaries of their workers, and provide them with food, to protect families from resorting to them. ”

The families stated that “some families, especially women and the elderly, have been subjected to disgraceful behaviors, robbery, looting and accidents, from some of the marginal laborers which has become a threatening issue of security and to our lives”, although Fintas Cooperative Society operates a branch in the region, however it does not fulfill the purpose and does not provide for the special needs of the family like the rest of the associations, except for the difficulty of shopping in it, due to the large number of marignal workers, in and around it, while we are not allowed to leave the area to shop from other neighboring societies.”

Source : Arab Times

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