Baby Alligator, Stuck In Fence, Gets Rescued By Cop ‘Friends’

“Everyone needs a little help from their friends now and then,” says a Facebook post. That seems fine until it goes on to say that in this case what was seeking help was actually a reptile. The hilarious post, shared on the Fulshear Police Facebook page describes how officers from Texas helped free a baby alligator stuck in a fence.

“This gator thought he was skinnier than he was (haven’t we all) and attempted to squeeze through the fence, getting caught in the process,” says the post. It is accompanied with a picture of the poor gator tangled in the fence.

Thankfully, help came in the form of Officer Henry and Officer Looney who helped the poor guy out. The post goes on to say that the gator even tried to thank its rescuers, but they had to decline. You’ll understand why when you read the post here.

“Happy it was rescued and everyone stayed safe!” says one Facebook user on the post. “We were driving by when they were ‘releasing’ him and wondering WTH… good job guys!” says another.

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