Adorable Baby Seal Found Napping On Beach Swam 200 Km Across Antarctic

A sub-Antarctic fur seal pup swam about 200 km and made it all the way to Australia before flopping down on the beach for a well-deserved nap. Park rangers at Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria, Australia, were greeted with the rare and adorable sight last weekend. “This adorable sub-Antarctic fur seal pup was spotted having a nap on Whisky Bay Beach,” writes Parks Victoria on Facebook. They also posted adorable pictures of the baby seal, taken by their ranger Matthew Hoskins.

Doesn’t it look absolutely angelic?

According to Mashable, while fur seals are widespread in the Southern Hemisphere, only 36 have visited Victoria in history.

“We know it had come from Macquarie Island because that is the nearest colony of this species,” Parks Victoria ranger Jonathon Stevenson said to the Herald Sun.

The baby seal spent the day relaxing on the beach before returning to the water later that night, they added.

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