Dog Interrupted Match To Play With Football. No One Seemed To Mind

A football match in Argentina was instantly made more exciting when an adorable little dog came bounding onto the pitch to play with the ball. The furry fan showed off his football skills much to the delight of spectators, who didn’t seem to mind that his presence meant a brief pause in the game between the two teams playing, Arsenal and San Lorenzo.

Footage from the match, posted on Twitter, shows the eager little pooch playing with the ball even as two footballers on the field try to take it back. Eventually, someone had to get a second football to distract the dog and keep him off the pitch.

In less than 24 hours, the video tweeted by TyC Sports collected well over 12,500 ‘likes’ and 7,000 retweets.

After his appearance on the football pitch, the dog enthusiastically gave a “bite” to a local news channel. Perhaps mistaking the microphone for a delicious treat, the cheeky little dog gnawed at it.

While we see a bright future for this football fiend, we can’t help but wonder whether he’ll be given the spot he deserves on the team.

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