New Rules For Modifying Expats Work Visa In Kuwait

The Public Authority for Manpower has introduced new regulations pertaining to work permits for expatriates, specifically addressing changes in personal data such as name, date of birth, and nationality. It is now prohibited to modify these details directly on the work permits. Instead, employers (Sponsors) seeking such changes must follow a specific procedure.

To make amendments, employers are required to apply for the cancellation of the worker’s existing visa through the Ashal service within two weeks of the work permit’s issuance date. Subsequently, they must visit the Ministry of Interior to update the worker’s information in the database and apply for a new work permit. This initiative is a result of collaborative efforts between the Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Interior.

Its main goal is to deter fraudulent activities and hire workers from countries banned or suspended for issuing work permits.

In addition to these changes, the authority has also launched a new electronic service that allows for the cancellation of visit visas for expatriate workers. Users can access this service through the authority’s electronic forms portal, where they can select the “canceling the work visa” option, provide the required application details, and submit a data validation declaration. This service aims to streamline visa cancellation processes and improve overall efficiency.

Source- Arab Times.

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