‘Crackdown on vloggers going live while driving’

In view of the rising number of traffic accidents, the General Traffic Department in the Interior Ministry has intensified its efforts to track down people who go live on social media platforms while driving like celebrities, ‘fashionistas’ and others; and then take legal measures against them. Reliable sources revealed the department intends to issue traffic violation citations to those who go live on various social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Kwai and others while driving; stressing that “these people put their lives and that of others in danger.”

Sources disclosed that GTD had earlier summoned a celebrity for documenting the speed of his vehicle & more than 180 kilometers. Sources said the celebrity’s vehicle was impounded and legal measures were taken against him, stressing these measures apply to all drivers who take videos while driving.

Sources explained that the ‘taking photos and live broadcast on roads’ violation includes not focusing on the road while driving, endangering one’s life and that of others, negligent driving, recklessness, driving although the license is suspended, driving although the license is withdrawn, driving a vehicle while holding a license for another vehicle, and driving a motorcycle without a license’ Sources added the list of violations includes driving a vehicle with a forged plate number and providing false data to obtain a driving license; indicating that in the event of reconciliation at GTD, the violator will be required to pay KD 30. If the reconciliation is rejected and the violator is referred to court, the violator will be imprisoned for a period not exceeding three months and fined not exceeding KD100, or one of these two penalties in accordance with Article 33 of the Traffic Law.

■ KD30 for violating Article 33

■ KD20 for violating Article 34

■ KD15 for violating Article 35

■ KD10 for violating Article 36

■ KD5 for violating Article 37

The following measures will be taken in case of violating Article 33bis:

A. KD50 fine for crossing the red light, car racing on roads without a permit or violation of the permit, and driving in the opposite direction on highways and roads. B. Fine of not less than KD20 and not more than KD50 for speeding. The executive regulations specify the settlement amount based on the violated speed limit.

Payment shall be made to the entity specified by GTD within two months of the date of committing the violation or notifying the concerned individual in case the citation was issued in his absence; while reconciliation entails cancellation of the criminal case and all its consequences, and reconciliation could be rejected if an individual commits more than one serious violation or has multiple violations.

Source- Arab Times.

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