Remove wood awnings, Mubarakiya at fire risk

Kuwait Firefighting Force (KFF) has asked Kuwait Municipality to remove the wooden awnings in Mubarakiya Market, because they are not fire-resistant, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily obtained a copy of KFF’s letter to the Municipality, urging the Committee for the Removal of Violations that Contradict Safety and Fire Prevention Regulations to quickly remove the wooden awnings in Mubarakiya Market, as they pose a grave threat to lives and properties.

KFF Director Lieutenant General Khaled Al-Mekrad sent a letter to the Municipality in May, citing Firefighting Force Law No. 13 of 2020. He also affirmed the competence of KFF in protecting individuals and properties from fire and other disasters. He emphasized the need to remove the wooden awnings, as they were one of the causes of the rapid spread of the fire that engulfed Mubarakiya Market on March 31, 2022; as well as contributed to the accumulation of fumes and gases and impeded the discharge of smoke. A reliable source from the Municipality disclosed that the awnings in Al-Gharaballi Market will be removed as well, since it is part of Mubarakiya Market. He added there is no budget yet for installing new awnings and this requires the approval of regulatory authorities.

Source- Arab Times.

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