Kuwait’s New Measure to Curb Driving License Fraud.

The Kuwait Society for Traffic Safety’s head, Bader Al-Matar, lauds a significant move towards fraud detection and prevention with First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid’s decision. The decision entails approving driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations through the “My Identity” application for all transactions.

According to Al-Matar, there has been a staggering surge in the number of driving licenses issued in Kuwait, which has adversely impacted the overall traffic situation in the country, reports Al Rai. He emphasized that official statistics reveal an alarming increase in the issuance of driving licenses, with some recipients not genuinely deserving or needing them.

The approval of this ministerial decision is essential in curbing the unwarranted growth of driving licenses and addressing the imbalances between citizens and expatriates’ license issuance. Al-Matar believes that the move will lead to a reduction in traffic congestion and promote road safety.

Bader Al-Matar.

He also stressed the significance of continuous campaigns conducted by the Ministry of Interior, particularly by the General Traffic Department, in prosecuting those who continue to drive despite having their licenses revoked due to law violations or through illegitimate means. Al-Matar pointed out that there are over one and a half million driving licenses that do not align with the country’s population, emphasizing the need for corrective measures.

The implementation of this procedure represents a positive step towards achieving a more balanced and responsible approach to issuing driving licenses, contributing to enhanced traffic management and safety on Kuwait’s roads.

Source- Arab Times.

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