MoH new exam for doctors’ jobs.

The Ministry of Health has approved the unified electronic test which is an additional test to tests already in place for applicants who wish to join the healthcare profession in Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily. The Ministry stated that this step came within the framework of its keenness to achieve quality performance and said the test is an extension of the “efficiency assessment” test that is currently being conducted before hiring doctors and technicians.

It includes at the beginning of the application phase some specializations of the medical professions, and then includes the rest of the specializations gradually, adding that the test is done electronically, and it can be done from outside Kuwait through the relevant website, if the applicants are from abroad. The ministry stated that the additional test comes within several criteria for acceptance and granting a license to practice the profession in Kuwait, including the standardized (electronic) theoretical test, in addition to the personal interview, and the practical professional test.

The Ministry added that this step is similar to many countries in the region, and is done within the framework of ensuring quality performance. This test is mandatory for applicants who wish to join the public and private health sectors, while continuing to develop it periodically, to include larger categories, in order to ensure the application of the best evaluation standards before granting a license to practice the medical profession. The ministry indicated that it is possible for non-citizen health practitioners wishing to work in the government or private health sector to apply by visiting the website and filling out the job application form online, and then applying for the standardized electronic test.

Source- Arab Times.

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