Temporary Cessation of Shift Allowance for Municipality Inspectors.

Several retirees hold sit-in demanding pension hike

The Minister of Municipality, Fahd Al-Shula, said the shift allowance given to Hygiene and Safety Departments inspectors will be temporarily suspended until further study as reports came in that some of them have to give their best or work to their full potential, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a letter to the director of the Municipality he called for setting a mechanism and controls for granting the shift allowance, in the work interest and in an effort to activate the oversight role of the various sectors and departments of the municipality and organize its work.

He called for stopping granting shift allowances from date for a one year (for new cases that had not been previously disbursed), and to review the extent of the eligibility of those who were granted the allowance and to check the availability of eligibility conditions, and instruct those who are required to work on preparing an integrated study that will be submitted to us within a maximum of one month. The financial and administrative sector in the municipality started activating the role of the financial and administrative support departments in the municipality’s branches in the governorates, by reducing the documentary cycle regarding the site allowance for engineers and jobs of an engineering nature.

The Municipality sources stressed that the incentives must be paid to those who deserve, meaning those who work hard to maintain the cleanliness of the areas under their jurisdiction and keeps tap on those who trespass on government land. During a tour, Al-Shula stressed the necessity of preserving the secrecy of important plans and reorganizing the surveying department by eliminating any defect saying: “Any employee who does not have a trust walks.”

On the other hand, Al-Shula has issued a ministerial circular on procedures for disabling access to information technology resources after the termination of the service of a public employee for any reason or his transfer to another party. He said that if the employee’s service is terminated for any of the reasons mentioned in the Civil Service Law, the first consequence is the severance of the functional relationship between the employee and the government agency to which he is affiliated, which necessitates that the terminated employee may not access or exploit the information technology resources of the entity he used to work for in any manner.

The circular called for following several measures to preserve the security and confidentiality of information, for the government agency represented by its competent department, upon termination of the service of the public employee or his transfer abroad, shall inform his immediate manager and the concerned department with a copy of the administrative decision to revoke the powers granted to the employee and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and automated systems.

This is in addition to retrieving personal and organizational covenants, if any, and retrieving computers and peripheral devices and disabling access to them, and retrieving the parking entry card and the smart card; stopping the employee’s attendance, while keeping a copy of his data from the date of his appointment until the date of termination of his services; clearing the information of the government entity from any devices owned by employees whose services have been terminated or transferred, and which were used to access the entity’s data and termination of access to all digital services (e-mail, internal electronic messaging system, etc.), by the concerned department, while keeping a copy in the archive. Meanwhile, several retirees recently organized a sit-in in front of the Public Institution for Social security, demanding for pension increment and better living conditions for them, reports Al-Rai daily.

Source- Arab Times.

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