22 suspects in vote-buying scandal.

Vote sold for KD 300-KD 500 – Pakistani remanded to police custody for 21 days

The Public Prosecution announced it continues to investigate cases of vote-buying cases and that the suspects are confronted with evidence of their involvement in these crimes, reports Al-Qabas daily. The Prosecution stated that it had begun, under the direct supervision of the Attorney General, Counselor Saad Al-Safran, an investigation into several reports and incidents that constitute crimes of electoral bribery and vote buying by luring those eligible to cast their votes with money. Reliable sources quoting the Public Prosecution confirmed 22 people are being investigated and charged with the offense as stipulated in Article 44 of Law No. 35 of 1962 regarding elections for members of the National Assembly and its amendments.

All the suspects were confronted with the material seized in this regard, including money, nationality documents, messages found on cell phones seized from the suspects, electoral lists and bank transactions documents for money transfers between the parties to the incident. The investigation procedures are being completed for five other suspects, including three candidates after warrants for their arrest had been issued. However, while the Public Prosecution decided, Monday, to release all the accused, except for three candidates who have yet to be arrested, but the arrest warrants against them stands good.

Moreover, the main suspect who is believed to be a Pakistani has been remanded to police custody for 21 days and is jailed in the Central Prison, after he underwent continuous investigations with the rest of the accused before the Public Prosecution. An informed source revealed the investigations show a vote is bought 500 dinars from those close to or belonging to the tribe.

As for ordinary people, one vote is bought for 300 dinars, pointing out that the “votebuying mediators” were following a mechanism indicating caution and precaution when agreeing with citizens to sell their votes, but the Interior Ministry laid an ambush and caught some of them red-handed. Also, the prosecution has yet to arrest three candidates who are allegedly involved in vote-buying. A reliable source said the investigations revealed that one vote was sold for KD 500 among those close to or members of a tribe, while ordinary citizens were paid KD 300 per vote.

Source- Arab Times.

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