Govt acts over modernization of Kuwaiti coast radar system.

‘System based on artificial and digital intelligence’

The government security agencies are making all out efforts to complete the modernization of the Kuwaiti coastal radar system to develop the maritime security system with the latest advanced means and technologies to secure the Kuwaiti coastal areas, islands and territorial waters, reports Al-Anba daily. The Prime Minister, HH Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has stressed on protecting the security of Kuwait.

The daily added, the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, is personally following up the issue and indicated that the project is in the process of being offered to specialized international companies, and it is likely to be completed within a year; which is based on launching a modern structure, system and technology based on artificial intelligence to secure and guarantee the protection of Kuwaiti coasts, islands and territorial waters. The source explained that the project is a comprehensive system in which the relevant government agencies participate and deal with, including the Maritime Force in the Ministry of Defense, the Coast Guard Department in the Ministry of Interior, marine rescue centers in the Directorate-General of Fire Department (DGFD), Kuwait Ports Authority, the Maritime Transport Department in the Ministry of Communications, and the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR).

This system covers all Kuwaiti territorial waters, islands, coasts and maritime borders, in addition to Kuwait Bay, as it would impose complete security control over these places to prevent penetration and infiltration, serve navigation and the environment, and save efforts of securitymen and security patrols. The source spoke of some advantages of the system, indicating that it is based on artificial and digital intelligence and gives accurate images and readings that contribute greatly to the detection of intruders and the sustainability of navigation and maritime transport, in addition to that it helps quickly and effectively to find any missing person or a vessel at sea. This is in addition to controlling any violations of the environment and monitoring environmental pollution.

Speaking of the system’s technologies, the source stated that it contains systems and radar and marine navigation devices, as well as modern surveillance and monitoring cameras, including day and night cameras that monitor objects clearly at night, and thermal cameras known to capture infrared radiation emitted for objects that store or emit heat, such as the bodies of living organisms. The source added that the system also includes the automatic identification system (AIS), which automatically follows all pieces and objects and detects any penetration, infiltration or poaching, indicating that it is a system that matches the role of the black box in aircraft, as it helps in developing and raising the efficiency of navigation and communications at sea.

The AIS system enables ships to respond to other ships and assists the Coast Guard in tracking any wrong paths. It also contributes to achieving navigational goals such as broadcasting alternative paths in the event of the possibility of a collision on the current path of two ships. Earlier, a delegation from the Directorate-General of Coast Guard, headed by the Director General, Rear Admiral Talal Al-Mounis, paid a visit to the Directorate-General of Coast and Border Security of Qatar to get firsthand information of the Qatari coastal radar system and benefit from it when installing the second phase of the Kuwaiti coastal radar system, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Informed security sources have been informed that the second phase of the radar system, which is expected to be installed soon, will cover all Kuwaiti territorial waters, including Kuwait Bay, which is currently outside the coverage area of the current radar system. The sources added that the second radar system is considered very advanced in several aspects, most notably the surveillance cameras and sensors sensitive to marine targets, and the target tracking system, which is distinguished by high quality. The sources stated that the most prominent features of the second radar system are the protection of Kuwaiti territorial waters from smuggling, piracy and illegal fishing operations in times when it is forbidden to catch some types of fish or use prohibited fishing equipment.

Source- Arab Times.

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