Call to choose reform seekers for top posts.

Former MP and First Constituency candidate Saleh Ashour has stressed the need to reform the legislative, executive and judicial authorities. He pointed out that reforming the judiciary should be done through the amendment of the Constitutional Court Law and method of appointing judges, in addition to enhancing the autonomy of the authority. He said the legislative authority is reformed by amending the National Assembly Law and Election Law No. 35/1962, while the reformation of the executive authority is done by appointing a prime minister and ministers in accordance with the parliamentary election results. He believes this procedure guarantees cooperation and harmony between the legislative and executive authorities. He added the top priority is for the Sabah Family members to lessen disputes among themselves and such disputes should not affect the political arena.

Electoral headquarters.. are still the favorite place for candidates to communicate directly with voters

He urged the Sabah Family to appoint pro-reform personalities to leadership positions, and convey a clear message to anyone who violates the laws and threatens the citizens’ interests that he will be penalized as per the law. He concluded that members of the family must serve as a model to the whole world in terms of commitment to the law and the Constitution.

Former Minister of Public Works, former MP and Third Constituency candidate Jenan Bu Shehri affirmed that the violations in the distribution of State properties in favor of certain individuals and companies are recorded in the reports of the State Audit Bureau (SAB) as per the directives of the National Assembly and Council of Ministers. She disclosed these reports include recommendations to address the issue, but they have remained in the drawers. She asserted the unfair distribution of State properties has had a negative impact on youths who want to start their own businesses, prompting them to cancel such plans.

Former MP and Second Constituency candidate Ahmed Al-Hamad stressed the need to fix the political environment after the exchange of accusations and doubts between political opponents. He added the society needs reconstruction of the concept of loyalty to the homeland. He also emphasized the importance of restoring citizens’ trust in public institutions and lawmakers, while the decision-makers must adhere to the Constitution.

Source- Arab Times.

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