CITRA preparing to increase Internet speed by three fold.

In a new developmental to raise the efficiency of the Internet sector in the country, Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) plans to regulate high Internet speeds of up to 400 Mbps, up from the current maximum rate of 100 Mbps, reports Al- Rai daily. The sources pointed out that what fuels the movement of CITRA is that the Ministry of Communications had some time ago developed the network to high capabilities, which included jumping at the speed of the target rate 3 times, and it is likely that this will be achieved in the next few months.

According to reliable sources within this framework the Chairman of the CITRA Board of Directors Amer Al-Omar and his deputy, Eng Abdullah Al-Azmi discussed with all CEOs of licensed internet providers their willingness to increase the internet speed according to the targeted rates, and in a way that contributes to raising customers’ benefit with the maximum possible rates of service speed increase. The sources stated that the targeted rates of increasing the speed of the Internet are in line with the technological changes that occurred in the needs of individual and corporate customers, which increased the use of the service and expanded its applications at great levels.

She sources pointed out that all licensed Internet providers have shown great willingness to meet the requirement of doubling the Internet speed, with the commitment of CITRA to remove all obstacles that may hinder this trend, indicating that among the points raised is work related to regulating the mechanism for switching to target speeds, and adjusting the price ceiling. The sources said that CITRA has already begun to develop the required technical and financial scenarios, explaining that the efforts exerted for this include setting a new ceiling for prices, consistent with doubling the internet speed to the required rates, provided that any planned increase in this regard does not burden the customers, especially the small and medium enterprises. It is noteworthy that, according to the price list set for 2021, the maximum ceiling for 100 Mbps speed consumption is 322 dinars annually.

The sources stated that the meeting of CITRA officials with service providers was not limited to the file of increasing the speed of the Internet, but rather included a number of other developmental issues in the sector, including increasing the ability of providers to activate various applications of modern technology, and raising the efficiency of their plans to develop their business in this field. In addition, the meeting touched on improving the service to ensure the sustainability of its quality and limiting its interruption to the highest possible degree, provided that this is accompanied by the continuous development of its techniques. The sources said CITRA officials stressed during the meeting their keenness to overcome the technical and coordination challenges facing the implementation of the work plans of Internet providers, in a way that ensures the continuous development of their business in line with the latest models used globally in their sector.

Source- Arab Times.

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