Info minister terminates 50 employees.

Minister of Information Abdul Rahman Al- Mutairi recently referred 50 employees, including some supervisors, for retirement as they have completed 30 years in service, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources. Sources confirmed that the Administrative Sector is finalizing procedures to officially notify these employees about their retirement.

Sources said the sector will obtain approval from the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) and make sure these employees are entitled to pension. Sources affirmed the decision aims to pump fresh blood into the ministry by giving young and competent national employees a chance to prove their leadership capabilities by appointing them to supervisory positions. It is expected that more decisions will be issued soon to fill up a number of vacancies.

On the other hand, sources revealed that the Ministry of Information transferred three departments from the Engineering Affairs Sector to other sectors. Sources said the News Engineering Department was transferred to the News and Political Programs Sector, the Television Studios Engineering Department to the Television Sector, and Radio Studios Engineering Department to the Radio Sector. Sources confirmed the employees in the three departments will have the same grades and job titles, indicating the Civil Service Commission approved this step in order to ensure smooth work procedures and expedite communication between departments.

Source- Arab Times.

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