DHAMAN hosts Pakistani ambassador, explores ways to cooperate in provision of medical staff.

Health Insurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) hosted His Excellency Mr. Malik Muhammad Farooq, Pakistan Ambassador to Kuwait where he was briefed on the latest developments achieved by the company towards the integrated operation of its health system and the start of receiving its basic segment of beneficiaries and the medical services provided by the company. During the visit, a number of topics related to medical teams and technical personnel related to healthcare were discussed.

The Pakistani Ambassador’s visit included a comprehensive field tour of DHAMAN Hospital in Ahmadi governorate, accompanied by CEO Mr. Thamer Arab and a number of company leaders and embassy representatives where he learned about the hospital’s possibilities, accompanied by a practical explanation of the flow of patients from reception to various clinics, radiology, laboratory services and treatment rooms.

In addition, a discussed ways of cooperating jointly and taking advantage of Pakistan’s medical teams needed by the company in various specializations in DHAMAN hospitals and primary healthcare centers, due to the competence and expertise of Pakistani medical personnel in various medical fields such as medicine, nursing and technical fields such as radiology and laboratories. During his visit, H.E. Mr. Malik Farouk stressed the important role that DHAMAN model will play through its primary healthcare centers and hospitals in developing the level of healthcare in Kuwait as well as several major projects underway in the health sector.

The Ambassador highlighted Pakistan’s close working relations with Kuwait in the health sector and looked forward to further cooperation in healthcare and the quality of services provided to residents. In his welcoming speech, Mr. Thamer Arab appreciated the Ambassador’s visit, which is part of the company’s plan to communicate with diplomatic missions in order to familiarize them with the possibilities and preparations offered by the DHAMAN Healthcare System.

Thamer Arab explained that the company’s model is unique in the healthcare sector in the region, where it will provide its integrated services to a large segment of residents in Kuwait, pushing the company towards investment in infrastructure and looking for solutions and innovations to develop modern services and mechanisms that place the patient at the center of attention and provide a comprehensive vision for population health management.


Through a presentation, Thamer Arab reviewed the evolution of the company’s business and the development goals of the project to achieve sustainable healthcare that conforms to the standards of international organizations, noting that DHAMAN works to promote and improve quality and raise healthcare indicators of Kuwait and building a healthy society based on prevention and treatment systems together.

In addition, Thamer Arab provides an overview of the role of the company in providing health assurance certificates and coverage of integrated health services to all communities residing under Article 18 and their families for the purpose of achieving its role in the healthcare pillar in the National Development Plan and Vision Kuwait 2035. The CEO presented also the company’s operational readiness to receive the company’s target segment and an overview of its health system, which includes primary healthcare centers, hospitals, and health screening.

In turn, the diplomatic delegation exchanged discussions on the next phase arrangements in cooperation between the company and embassy to coordinate the mobilization of beneficiaries from the Ministry of Health to DHAMAN. The company explained that it has worked since its inception on a pioneering vision for healthcare and the future directions of this vital sector. Through this vision, it aims to build a healthier society through the implementation of sustainability programs, especially in the healthcare field, as the future issuer of the mandatory healthcare assurance certificate for residents working in the private sector and their families, whose number exceeds 1.8 million people, through a network distributed in various governorates of Kuwait, covering a wide range of primary and secondary medical specialties, which include primary healthcare centers, currently operating as private centers that receive those wishing to obtain healthcare in family medicine, dental and pediatric clinics, plus radiology and laboratory services, in addition to two hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra governorates with a capacity of 660 beds, covering a wide range of basic medical specialties in hospitals along with all specialties of outpatient clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and related radiology services.

Source- Arab Times.

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