Remarkable Turnout of Families in Entertainment Centers during Eid Holidays.

During the Eid holiday, it is a tradition for children to visit recreational games and entertainment centers to complete their festive celebrations. Families accompanied their children to commercial malls and centers that offered various entertainment games services. These centers were filled with children enjoying the festive atmosphere, spreading joy and happiness.

Despite overcrowding in some places, the turnout of families was remarkable, especially in open spaces. Entertainment centers also attracted their audience through offers and discounts, which ranged up to 50 percent on all games, reports Al Rai. The ticket prices for games in some centers were affordable, ranging from 1 to 3 dinars per game. For skating enthusiasts, the ticket price ranged between 5 and 10 dinars. Overall, the festive holiday brought great happiness and joy to children, who enjoyed spending their day in these recreational games and entertainment centers.

Source- Arab Times.

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