Anti-Cybercrime Department warns against dealing with fake bank links.

The Anti-Cybercrime Department has warned citizens and residents against dealing with fake bank links, according to which bank data is stolen, in order to avoid falling victim to fraud, calling for the need to inform the competent authorities in this regard.

The Acting Head of the Support Services Department at the Anti- Cybercrime Department, Lieutenant Colonel Ammar Al-Sarraf, confirmed to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the fake bank links, or what is known as (the delegate’s link), is a page that is very similar to the well-known payment pages, but it does not end with the kw domain. He said that the Crime Department provided a lot of awareness and guidance services to the public, government and private institutions, in order to avoid dealing with fake commercial accounts through social media platforms, in cooperation and coordination with the Communications and Information Technology Commission and telecommunications companies.

He added that there is a specialized team to combat fraud and fraud carried out by weak-minded people from outside and inside Kuwait, calling on everyone to inform the Cybercrime Department via the WhatsApp service (97283939) in order to reduce it, stressing that the department can be reviewed to provide a lot of technical assistance, including the recovery of “hacked accounts”. Lieutenant Colonel Al-Sarraf warned everyone against dealing with fake websites and advertisements on social media, whose owners promote the sale of products at unrealistic prices or through discounts to lure them to be victims of fraud in the hope of quick profit.

Source- Arab Times.

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