35 marriages per day recorded in Kuwait in 1st quarter of year 2023.

49 cases of divorce in Jan 2023 recorded

A recent statistic issued by the Ministry of Justice revealed that there are 35 marriages per day in Kuwait, which took place during the first quarter of this year. The statistics obtained by Al-Qabas showed from January 1 to March 31, which represents the first quarter of the current year 2023, 3,093 marriages were registered. According to the statistics, 2091 Kuwaiti citizens married Kuwaiti women, while 111 non-Kuwaiti people married Kuwaiti women, and 14 people of unspecified nationality married Kuwaiti women.

The statistics also mentioned that 269 Kuwaiti citizens married non-Kuwaiti women, and 44 Kuwaitis married women of unknown nationality during the aforementioned period. With regard to divorce cases during the same period, the statistics indicated that 1998 cases of divorce happened in previous years.

The number of divorce cases between Kuwaiti couples were 1292 cases, while the divorce between a Kuwaiti husband and a non-Kuwaiti wife reached 192 cases, and between a Kuwaiti husband and an unspecified nationality wife 22 cases. The statistics also indicated that 122 divorce cases occurred between a non-Kuwaiti and a Kuwaiti wife, compared to 19 divorce cases between a Kuwaiti wife and a husband of an unknown nationality. The statistics of the Ministry of Justice recorded 49 cases of divorce in January 2023 — 28 cases of divorce were recorded in the Farwaniya Courts Complex, 13 in Hawalli, 4 in Mubarak Al-Kabeer, two cases in Al- Jahra, and two cases in Al-Ahmadi. A recent statistic revealed that more than 8,000 new cases were received by the Public Prosecution Office in the first quarter of this year.

Source- Arab Times.

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