Kuwaitis rose to 1.5mn in ’22 – Expats hit 3.229 million.

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) revealed the average increase of Kuwaitis in 2022 was to 28,700 compared to the previous year, with an estimated percentage of 0.019%, reports Al-Qabas daily. PACI said in its report, a copy of which was obtained by the daily that until 2022, that the total number of citizens rose to 1.5 million, an increase of 28,700 people over last year, while the total population of Kuwait until the end of last year reached 4.7 million people. According to the report, the children of 17 communities residing in Kuwait achieved an increase in their number, in contrast to a decrease in the children of only 3 nationalities — Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Iran.

The non-Kuwaiti population reached 3.229 million people, 2.99 million of whom are distributed among 20 nationalities in the country. Indians lead the pack with a total of 965.7 thousand people, followed by the Egyptians 655.2 thousand people, followed by the Philippines, Bangladesh, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka in that order.

The report indicated that there are 35 percent of Kuwaitis over 15 years of age who do not participate in the labor market because they are students, full-time house workers, or retirees with income while only 32 percent of Kuwaitis are in the labor force. In a comparison between the number of people of nationalities residing in the country, and the size of their contribution to the labor market, 87 percent of the people of the Indian community are involved in the labor market, followed by Egyptians with 74 percent of the people of the community joining the labor force, and the percentage of Filipino and Bangladeshi workers increased to reach 97 percent of their total number in the country. Of the Syrian community, only 40 percent joined the Kuwaiti labor market, compared to 52 percent of the Saudis, and 94 percent of the Sri Lankans.

With the exception of the family sector “domestic labour”, the “civil information” pointed out that the total number of workers in Kuwait amounts to 2.05 million workers, 24 percent of whom work in the government sector. Sources mentioned that Kuwaitis come in third place with 22 percent of the total number of workers in the public and private sectors, preceded by Indians and Egyptians. According to the report Kuwaitis represent 77.2 percent of the total number of workers in the government sector, and they are the highest percentage, while they come in fourth place in the private sector with 5 percent of the total number of workers, as “India, Egypt and Bangladesh” top the numbers of workers in this sector with a total of about 68 percent. Demographics in numbers – the total population of Kuwait is 4.7 million of them 1.5 million are Kuwaitis, 3.2 million non-Kuwaitis. Total workforce in the labor market is 2.05 million of them 492,300 work in the government sector and 772,700 are domestic workers and the rest or 74 percent are expatriates.

Source- Arab Times.

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