Only Premier seen capable of solving in-and-out Parliaments.

The recent decision of the Constitutional Court to nullify the 2022 Parliament and reinstate its predecessor (2020 Parliament) must be dealt with as a fact and it cannot be appealed according to the law on establishing the court, which should be amended, says MP Marzouq Al-Hebeini. Al-Hebeini made the statement in a press conference that member of the nullified legislature Hamad Al-Medlej organized in his house.

Present at the conference were a large number of citizens, including incumbent and former MPs, such as Al- Hebeini, Shuaib Al-Muwaizri, Soud Al-Asfour, Abdullah Fehad and Shuaib Shaaban. Al-Hebeini also addressed His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al- Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, indicating only the premier can solve the current crisis. He urged him to take a decision if he is capable of leading the government in the coming period ,especially after forming four governments within a short period.

He thinks Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf will not be able to lead because the dispute is too deep and the burden is too heavy. He then asked him to decline and give others a chance to lead the government. He added some parties will not give Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf an opportunity to work.

On the other hand, Al-Muwaizri conducted a presentation on the achievements of the 2022 Parliament although it held only five sessions. He pointed out there were many hindrances to the legislative progress. He said the 2022 legislature approved the proposed amendment of the National Assembly Law in order to refer bills directly to the concerned committees without the need to pass through the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee. He added the amendment was ratified on Nov 15, 2022; but it was published in Kuwait Gazette only on Dec 11, 2022 for enforcement starting from the session held on Dec 13, 2022 which means it took almost one month to use the ratified law. He went on to say that the number of reports completed by the committees in the 2022 Parliament was unprecedented since 1990.

He asserted various parties contributed to the distortion of the 2022 Parliament, because it prioritized bills deemed beneficial to the citizens and focused on combating corruption. He pointed out that factfinding committees were formed for this purpose and they were on the verge of submitting reports, including the uncovered facts and recommendations. He believes the corrupt used their own media to defame the lawmakers. He stated the illegal appointments at Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) and Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) are the ministers’ responsibility while only five or six lawmakers hold the Parliament responsible for such violations have never called for questioning the concerned ministers. He thinks the corrupt got mad, because of the bills on amending the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Law to prevent the collection of illegal money, transform Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) into a shareholding company to foil the attempt of the corrupt to privatize the national carrier, and amend the mechanism for the collection of revenues from KNPC to prevent the latter from becoming a State within a State. He added the pro-reform bills like cancelling the local agent requirement irked the corrupt. He emphasized that the reports on pro-reform bills were included in the agenda of the session scheduled for Jan 10, 2023; but the government decided to boycott it, instead of discussing the bills with lawmakers and presenting alternative bills, if any.

He affirmed his commitment to the rule of Sabah Family and loyalty to the political leadership represented by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah and His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah. However, he clarified that commitment and loyalty do not mean being silent over the violations committed by a few members of Sabah Family. Abdulwabah Al-Essa, who lost his parliamentary seat due to the ruling of the Constitutional Court, are involved. He stressed the need to question them without defaming the other lawmakers. He wondered why those who attributed the current situation to the dispute between Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf and Sheikh Ahmad Meshal Al-Ahmad; adding that the government has two leaders. He pointed out that the first government formed by Sheikh Ahmad Al- Nawaf failed within 48 hours and then the citizens realized that he did not form such a government. He said the decision of the Constitutional Court marked a new chapter of the struggle between disputing parties within the Sabah Family, which the people have become familiar with. He thinks the suspension or delay in filling up vacant senior positions is due to the government’s list of preferred candidates, while another ‘government’ has its own list.

In a recorded speech, MP Mubarak Al-Hajraf said it is now time for Kuwait to become a monarchy emirate; calling for a prime minister chosen by the people, not a member of the Sabah Family. He underscored the need for this premier to believe in democracy in leading the government and he should accept the fact that he could be questioned or grilled. He added this is the normal development after 60 years of issuing the Constitution. He argued that if the people will choose the prime minister, the struggle between the ruling family members to occupy senior positions will be minimized and maintain the remaining respect of citizens for the family, as such respect declined because of the failure to manage State affairs efficiently.

Source- Arab Times.

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