MPW withdraws contract for rainwater pumping stations.

Informed sources said that the step of withdrawing the contract from the contractor comes as a first step after yesterday’s rains, and will be followed by several procedures to hold accountable all those found responsible for the shortcomings caused by Sunday rains, stressing that accountability will affect companies and officials in both the Ministry of Public Works and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport, and that several decisions will be issued during the coming days after the end of the investigations that the ministry is currently conducting, reports Al-Qabas daily. The sources pointed out that the contract was signed on November 16, and that the step to withdraw it came after it was proven that the contractor had failed to fulfill his contractual obligations, after the emergency team of the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport and the officials supervising the work of the contract monitored during a visit to the rainwater pumping stations in the tunnels yesterday and more so because the contractor was not present during the rains.

The sources added that it was also proven that these pumping stations were not prepared to work, which resulted in the water accumulating in the Ghazali Tunnel, Jabriya Tunnel, and Qairawan Tunnel, and the water level rose in surrounding roads which were flooded. The sources stated that the failure resulted in damage to public and private property and obstruction of traffic, which gives the authority the right to withdraw the contract and implement it at the expense of the contractor by assigning the bidder with the second lowest price, while charging the current contractor with all the financial consequences of this procedure.

Source- Arab Times.

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