Roads closed due to water clogging.

The Ministry of Interior has announced that several roads in the governorates of Capital, Farwaniya, Hawally, and Jahra have experienced water accumulation due to the recent wave of rainfall in the country. The General Department of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior has issued a press statement regarding the road closures in these areas.

In Farwaniya Governorate, the closed roads include Sabah Al-Nasser area (Block 4), Al-Rabiah area (opposite Al-Ahli Bank), Hammoud Al-Jaber Street (opposite the Fifth Ring Road), Habib Al-Manawer Street, the intersection of the Fifth Ring Road with the Andalus area, and the intersection of Saqr Al-Nasafi.

In Hawally Governorate, water has accumulated in the Maidan Hawalli area (behind Kuwait Winter Wonderland).

In Jahra Governorate, water has accumulated on the Fourth Ring Road before the Doha Link, opposite Amghara, and at the Ajian intersection on Jahra Road.

Additionally, water has accumulated on the Sixth Ring Road next to the Saad Al-Abdullah area, the Sixth Ring Road opposite the Saad Al-Abdullah area, the Fifth Ring Road (the tunnels of the Sulaibiya and Kairouan areas), the intersection of the first Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, the intersection of Al-Jahra Road with Al-Ghazali Road, and the City Center roundabout.

Road closures due to the rainy wave in the Capital Governorate include the Third Ring Road with Canada Dry Street, the Fourth Ring Road with Al-Ghazali Road, and the diversions of Damascus Street towards Al-Jahra. (KUNA)

Gazali Bridge
Fourth Ring Road
Gazali Bridge
5th Ring Road


Source- Arab Times.

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