Beggars to be deported.

In preparation for the month of Ramadan and to prevent the exploitation of religious seasons to beg, the Ministry of Interior stressed the need to address this phenomenon as a crime against society and harm to the civilized image of the country, especially with the approaching month of fasting, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a press release, the ministry’s Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media called on citizens and residents to cooperate with the efforts of the General Department of Residency Affairs Investigations by immediately reporting any case of begging that is monitored using the following numbers – 97288211 / 97288200 / 25582581 / 25582582.

Cases of begging can also be reported via the emergency phone number 112, which receives reports 24 hours 7 days a week. The ministry stressed that citizens are considered as guardians of their country and thus must be keen about the public interest. In addition, security sources said, “The ministry will not be complacent in dealing with the phenomenon of begging. Any expatriate who gets arrested for begging will be deported immediately, and his sponsor will bear the legal responsibility for that. Also, the sponsor will be blacklisted so that he is not allowed after that to sponsor any expatriate.”

The sources explained that the security services have developed a solid plan to address the phenomenon of begging. Various sectors of the Ministry of Interior, led by the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigation and the General Administration of Criminal Investigation, will participate in the plan.

Source- Arab Times.

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