Kuwait stands 3rd in Gulf and Arab countries on Global Prosperity Index.

Out of 167 countries, Kuwait ranked 60th in the 2023 edition of the Legatum Global Prosperity Index rankings, an indicator that relies on monitoring 12 various evaluation criteria and more than 100 sub-variables, reports Al-Rai daily. Thus, Kuwait’s ranking witnessed an improvement of 4 places on the same index, compared to the 2022 classification, in which Kuwait ranked 64th.

Kuwait occupied varying positions globally in the 12 main evaluation criteria on which the index is based, which varied as follows: safety and security (51 globally), personal freedom (119), good governance (87), social capital (99), investment environment (99), conditions for starting projects (76), access to infrastructure (64), economic quality (51), living conditions (42), health (43), education (75), and the natural environment (137).

Compared to the Gulf and Arab countries, Kuwait came in third place after the UAE and Qatar, which occupied the 44th and 46th places in the world, while Bahrain came after Kuwait in the 62nd place, then the Sultanate of Oman and Saudi Arabia in the 67th and 79th places, respectively. The countries that occupied the top ten positions in this year’s ranking are: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Iceland, Germany and New Zealand.

Source- Arab Times.

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