Process of cleaning waste after ‘National Day’ events.

Director of the Department of Public Hygiene and Road Works at the Hawally Municipality Faisal Al-Otaibi said the department followed up the process of cleaning and removing waste following the National Day celebrations, reports Al-Rai daily.

A Kuwaiti citizen seen cleaning the waste after the end of the National Day celebrations.

In a press statement he issued during the field tour he recently held, Al-Otaibi explained that 550 workers were equipped with cleaning tools and sent to the sites of celebration within Hawally Governorate, in addition to 16 ordinary lorries, 4 trailers, 2 cranes, 8 large blowers, 4 medium bulldozers, 40 containers of sizes 240 liters and 1,100 liters. The containers were distributed to the security points, where coordination was made with the cleaning companies contracting with the municipality to clean the green spaces and parking lots overlooking the Arabian Gulf Street and the surrounding streets from the beginning of the Messilah Bridge to the Third Ring Road. In addition, two lorries were placed in front of each security point on the Arabian Gulf Street.

Source- Arab Times.

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