MoE keen to deal with drug abuse in schools; Smoking rife among boys, girls.

After containing individual cases of psychotropic substances, the Ministry of Education stressed the need to track down the scourge of drugs in intermediate and secondary schools by activating confidential consultations, and implementing a set of preventive and therapeutic projects and programs, reports Al-Rai daily. It revealed that the most important of these measures is to implement a program to develop awareness of the dangers of drugs in schools and a program on the role of social work in developing awareness of the dangers of narcotics and psychotropic substances, misusing medical medications, and using prohibited stimulants, and combating the scourge of smoking among male and female students.

In its plan, the ministry stressed the need for monitoring, discovery and observation through social service offices in schools in coordination with the educational authority, activating the role of the awareness group on the dangers of drugs and smoking in intermediate and high schools, organizing interactive workshops, and spreading the media awareness aspect in schools. The plan called for the need for the follow-up and supervision of the technical guidance of the social service with intensive visits to schools programmed to measure the effort and its safety, and the extent to which it achieved the goal, while activating the counseling and therapeutic side through the psychological clinic and the department of follow-up of individual cases specialized in the Department of Social and Psychological Services. All this is in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior for carrying out field study on the role of social and psychological service in developing awareness of the dangers of drugs and psychotropic substances and methods of prevention.

The plan touched on the importance of activating the role of the “Consult” electronic platform affiliated with the Department of Social and Psychological Services to spread reassurance among students and their parents through free counseling and communication with them to find appropriate solutions to their problems in various aspects – social, psychological or educational – with the utmost confidentiality.

Source- Arab Times.

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