Assessment of Expats ‘titled’ accountants set.

Demographic adjustment steps to enter into force

Informed sources said that the Public Authority for Manpower is about to check the qualifications of residents in the country who hold the title “accountant” in addition to some professions in the area of finance, reports Al-Qabas daily. The sources stated that the step will begin after the approval of the work plan, and it includes all valid and registered work permits between March and December 2023, provided that the audit process is automatic, and includes approximately 16,000 residents working in the accounting professions.

The sources went on to say, that the Occupational Safety Center in the authority will study the special educational qualifications for residents who hold titles in the field of accounting, indicating that this step is the second step in adjusting the demographics.

The committee also completed the “Kuwait Visa” application for verifying visas issued for workers coming to Kuwait, and those obtaining “commercial and tourist” visas that are issued through the electronic platform.

The sources stated that the issuance of non-transferable commercial visas into a work permit has finally been reactivated, in addition to allowing visitors of different nationalities residing in the GCC countries. In addition to certain nationalities that are allowed to issue electronic visas without the requirement of residency in the GCC countries, there are 20 professions that can enter Kuwait from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, provided that they have a valid residency exceeding 6 months, and a passport valid for the same period.

These residents can enter the country with their families and domestic workers, provided that the person concerned (the applicant) is present. The four steps to adjust the labor market — trapping random workers, auditing of professionals, intensive campaigns to apprehend violators and fighting visa dealers and fictitious companies.

Source- Arab Times.

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