‘Tik Tok’ is banned – Spying fears.

Information security expert and head of the Cybersecurity Committee in the Kuwaiti Electronic Media Federation, Muhammad Al-Rashidi, confirmed that “the decision is a natural measure to protect employees from espionage practiced by Tik Tok after the application employees themselves admitted to indulging in such activities, reports Al-Rai daily. He said in a statement to the that “Tik Tok has admitted to the US Senate the ability of employees in China to access data, following which the Senate slapped a ban on the application.

He added, “we will see stricter measures that may end up with the removal of the application from the Apple Store store.” Suspicious practices carried out by this application, perhaps for advertising or other purposes, but there is espionage based on application users, and this is the reason behind the action taken by the European Commission and accepted by the US Senate.

Al-Rashidi described this procedure as “a security measure, in light of the ability of employees in China to access sensitive data in America and Europe, which poses a great threat to European and American national security.”

Source- Arab Times.

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